This hike begins in the small mountain village of Santa Lucia, which is approximately 700 m above sea level and situated at the head of the Caldera de Tirajana, one of the largest and oldest calderas on the volcanic island of Gran Canaria.

The changing scenery is breathtaking - from the wild lavender bushes, flowering in the month of November, through to the almond trees heavy with fragrant blossoms in January, it is truly beautiful. During our trek along the mountain trail we can often also make out the ruins of ancient pavements which once graced the path.

After a much needed lunch, at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level, with stunning views over the east of the island, we begin our walk downhill.

In the beautiful and lush Guayadeque valley, we will discover rushing streams, snaking their way through the village. It was these year-round streams that gave the valley its name – Guayadeque translates to "place where water flows". This humid natural environment is the perfect home to a number of endemic plants that are indigenous to the island of Gran Canaria, which we get to discover in their natural territory.

In many areas in Gran Canaria, people still live in cave houses, and the most famous area of cave dwellings happens to be in the Guayadeque valley, where locals still reside in caves located on the steep mountain slopes, of the lush valley.

Trekking information

• Length: 7 or 14 km

• Hiking time: 3-5 hours

• Height: 700-1400-900 masl

• Full day excursion: Please bring your own packed lunch