Roque Nublo - "The rock in the clouds"

During this popular trek, we walk along the west side of the legendary rock Roque Nublo, located at the heart of Gran Canaria. Countless mythical tales have been created around this area of natural beauty, an area where the islands aborigines kept their counsel and conducted their ceremonies many years ago.

During the walk, we move through three, of the four climate zones that exist in Gran Canaria, it is this unusual fusion of climates, which contribute to the islands diverse and spectacular nature.

The trail then leads us down to the small mountain village of La Culata. Due to its relatively inaccessible location this un-spoilt village gives visitors the feeling that time has stood still there for a few hundred years. You'll find farmers plowing their fields with oxen and wooden plows, or taking their siesta in the shade of the whitewashed traditional houses, dotted throughout the village.

During the walk, we have spectacular view over the western parts of the island, and on a clear day, we can also see Spain's highest mountain - Pico del Teide, on the neighboring island of Tenerife.

Trekking information

• Length: 6,10 or 14 km

• Hiking time: 3-5 hours

• Height: 1300 - 1800 masl

• Full day excursion: Please bring your own packed lunch