Camino de la Plata – "The Silver Trail "

One of our most popular hikes, Camino de la Plata, or the Silver Trail is part of the Caminos Reales or royal roads, which run, network-like, throughout Gran Canaria.

It was originally a trodden path, although during the 1700s, sections were paved by the then Spanish crown, to transport goods across the island.

The path has been made by means of cold masonry, which means that no cement was used; the stones were intricately and tightly laid together. The path has survived weathering for over 300 years, which demonstrates to us the skill and durability of the islander's ancient engineering skills.

During the trek, as we make our way up the mountain and over the mountain range Pozo de las Nieves or the snow well, through pine forests, to end the trek on the top of Gran Canaria, Pico de las Nieves or the snow peak, at an altitude of 1949 m.

We end our day high above the clouds, where we like to pause and take in the spectacular views of Gran Canaria and the neighboring islands.

Trekking information

• Length: 6,10 or 14 km

• Hiking time: 3-5 hours

• Height: 900 - 1949 masl

• Full day excursion: Please bring your own packed lunch